Campaign For Musical Destruction Tour
February 2024

There aren’t many tours that survive for decades and are still just as interesting as before…as the Campaign For Musical Destruction Tour 2024. This successful and extraordinary tour has been leading Napalm Death through the world for already over 30 years. The tour can always convince through a colourful blend between a creative up and extreme underground music. Sure, this tour has always been a guaranty for interesting blends, also a door-opener for new variations and music styles, it has always been and still is doubtfully legendary. Also, there is no other metal tour that has been comparably successful without ever having to change the concept for decades, always presenting new influences and extreme music against all odds and not adapting at all. 2024 we will have Of course a wild mix of extrem Music  Biermächt is returning after 14 years to Europa! They will be replaced for the last week of the tour in Antwerp also after long , harsh years of absence from Pig Destroyer , followed by extreme, terrifying and confrontational Primitive Man, and Singapore’s Wormrot .