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Miche (drums), Juba (bass), Nizze (vocals) and Clabbe (guitar). Photo by Pernilla Larding.

Dead Pollys of today consists of members from Sighstens Grannar, Mansic, Sir Reg and Pasted, among others. They play some kind of rock with a clear wink at vintage punkrock. Dead Pollys has been on tour with legends like Down By Law, The Vibrators and 999.

Nizze Nilsson started the band in 2011. The first EP “Waiting For Tomorrow”, with Ola Höök on drums, was more folk and rock than punk, but Nizze soon slipped back into the noisy punkrock tunes. Juba Nurminniemi and Miche Lee Sundvall joined and in 2015 they released the album “Bullet For The Wicked”. That same year, the band toured the United States together with DOWN BY LAW. In 2019 the album “Strummerland” was released with Mats Nyström on guitar and Martin Brandhorst on drums, and the same year they invited THE VIBRATORS (UK) to a tour in Sweden. In 2022 Martin Hällgren beating the drums and Dead Pollys went to Camden, London to open for the legends in 999 at Dublin Castle.

At the end of the year, a new album began to emerge that was released in june 2023, recorded with and by Martin Hällgren, mixed and mastered by Riccardo Daga at Titans Lab Recording Studio and released by Too Loud Recdords. In the midst of all this, Clabbe Fredriksson jumped in and replaced Mats on guitar and in april 2023 they went on a Swedish tour together with 999. Today, one of the original Pollyboys, Miche, is back on drums.

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