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Having inked a deal with Prosthetic Records, UNDEATH are preparing to unleash their unique take on old school death metal in the form of debut full length album, Lesions Of A Different Kind.Two demos released in 2019 give an indication of what’s to come -but when these ten tracks of heavy hitters reach your speakers, prepare for a whole new level of skull crushing intensity.The riff upon relentless riffs are a solid foundation for the Rochester, NY based trio to balance the hulking mass of their death metal furiosity on top of. Their collective decades of musical consumption, compositions, performances and influences have converged in this one swirling mass of horror-flecked heavy metal. By honing in on festering corners of inspiration -with everything from Phantasmto the Wheel of Time book series gettinga moment in the spotlight, the lyrical and conceptual nature of the album is as eclectic as it is engaging.

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