Downfall Of Gaia

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Over 15 years, Germany’s Downfall Of Gaia have carved a unique space in the metal scene, evolving naturally and unafraid to take risks. With sixth album Silhouettes Of Disgust they progress in part by looking backwards and returning to familiar territory. With this record we wanted to return to our roots and the earlier days, but without taking a step back, says vocalist/guitarist Dominik Goncalves dos Reis. We wanted to incorporate both worlds into our new album, where we came from – the DIY/crust punk scene – and the direction things have taken over the past few years, organically growing from release to release. The result is best described as a textured, dynamic blend of crust punk and post-black metal with a lot of atmospheric elements, taking everything that ever made the band compelling and pushing it in new and gripping directions.

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