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Disbelief was formed in 1990 by singer KarstenJaggerJäger, in the following years the band recorded several demo-tapes (Promotion – tapes Unbound – demo’93 and Choice – demo*95). 1997 is the year in which Disbelief released their first self-titled CD. To promote the album Disbelief stays the first time on tour together with Six Feet Under. In 1998 the second album Infected comes out. They play shows on the legendary Dynamo – Open Air and Wacken, a four – dates tour together with Hypocrisy and Benediction and a tour with the mighty Bolt Thrower, Crowbar and Totenmond gave Disbelief the chance to get more popular. 2001 Disbelief’s Worst Enemy enters the world. With this album the band manifesting their own, individual sound. In 2002 the fourth CD was released Shine, again Disbelief toured together with Bolt Thrower, Benediction and beeing part on the legendary No Mercy – Festivals (Immortal, Hypocrisy, Vader).

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