Crushing Caspars

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Crushing Caspars are a German hardcore band from Rostock that was formed the mid-1990s. While describes the band’s music as “down to earth, 90s typical hardcore” with elements of thrash metal, punk and rock ‘n’ roll, rough vocals and rocking, groovy and occasionally quiet moments, taking includes from New York Hardcore and DC Hardcore, the band likes to describe their style as “Baltic Sea Hardcore”. One of their most notable performances in the early days was in 1996 as the support act for Rammstein. The band toured Europe supporting Agnostic Front in 2010 and was part of the Persistence Tour 2012 supporting Suicidal Tendencies. The following year they toured as the opening act for Blood for Blood which was followed by performance at the Force Attack , Hellfest and With Full Force festivals.

Tour Dates

23.08.2024HamelnPaddy Rock Open Air Germany